Akihiko is the most recent and youngest director in the history of the school and was asked to solve a financial crisis that befell the school. He made a decision to separate the school into two different schools: a music school and a general education school. Kahoko opposed this, and Akihiko challenges her to create a successful Christmas concert with an ensemble of other musicians from the school.

~Time Skip~Edit

In the Kiniro no Corda : Blue Sky anime he is shown to be nice to Kazumi Hihara who is now a teacher for Yukihiro to actually live in the Seiso games. Earlier he is shown to question Ritsu Kisaragi's decision to chose Kanade and Kyoya to be second violin in his ensemble as they lack certain ranking in performance but allowed him to go through with it when he suggested that he thinks their potential is just waiting for an opportunity like this. Kira is then shown a second time being nice and amicable to Kazuki Hihara allowing Shiseikun High School to stay as they had plenty or vacant rooms and he could, with his student Yukihiro and his friends, used them as he sees fit.

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