Knc chapter 47.kiniro no corda 025
Before he entered Seiso, he attended a public boys school that was hard to get into and played tennis. He received several confessions from girls everyday but he refused them all. When he was at the park, he heard Kahoko playing and immediately fell in love with her.

After that, he came to that park everyday to come see her but he never saw her again until he saw her beside him while crossing a street. He followed her and he saw her meeting with Ousaki and Len to perform at a store's opening party. He disguised himself as a mascot so he can go inside and hear Kahoko play.

After he entered Seiso he saw Kahoko and kissed her hand and said that he came just to meet her. When girls confessed to him he would say, "Sorry, I appreciate your feelings but I am completely dedicated to Hino-san." He would also compliment Kahoko every morning.

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