He often tells Kanade that she lacks the inner flower, but when Kanade asks him how she can achieve that inner flower he tells her that it isn't something you can achieve by asking others.

Kanade thought that it was something that you were born with, but Yukihiro showed Chiaki practicing and he seemed like another person. While practicing his father came and told him that his playing is not good enough, but Chiaki told him that he plays for himself. His father doesn't approve the sound an electric violin makes. Despite that, Chiaki sticks to the electric violin, because there is where his conviction lies.

Before the semi-finals began, he came to the Linden Hall Dormitory to see if Ritsu really isn't participating in the semi-finals (Since his wrist was hurt). Afterwards he told Seiso they couldn't win against him if Ritsu didn't participate, but in the end Seiso won at the semi-finals.

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