Daichi Sakaki




Biographical Information
Kanji 榊 大地
Horoscope Capricorn
Birthday December 29
Instrument Viola
School Seiso Academy Regular Department
Grade Third year
Physical and Vital Statistics
Height 184cm
Blood Type O
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 0
Anime Season 3 Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuya Uchida

Daichi Sakaki is the Vice-President of the Orchestra Club and plays the viola. Unlike the first story he is the only person in this installment to come from the General Education department of the school.

He is a third year student as Ritsu thus his shirt is embossed with the blue colour of the third year students. It should be noted that unlike in the first Kiniro no Corda year colour specialization has changed: red for first years, green for second years and blue for third years. Also the anime specialized in the summer unforms meaning that majority of the uniforms are white and blue mixed with the year colour specializations. Though Daichi is the only general education person in the ensemble meaning he wears a blackish-gray shirt worn mostly by general education students and not a white one.


He is a nice guy who is outgoing and really popular with the girls and the main reason for that is his flirty personality. He thinks he is the one who is pulling everyone back, because he started playing the viola later then the other members.

Daichi is usually frienly and mature. When initially the club is hostile towards Kanade and Kyoya he suggests that they prove their skill with a test and this is accepted also by Haru as a viable thing to do. He playfully and affectionately calls Kanade "Hina-chan" from her last name "Kohinata". In the ensemble Daichi is the most cool headed one second with Haru; both of them are the most patient of the bunch only he is more animated than reserved than Haru.

Like Kahoko Hino Daichi seems to have a natural proclivity towards music. He may have started the viola late but his aptitude, skill and feeling in it are well above average allowing him to be part of the ensemble. His sensitivity and ability to adapt himself in a group such as an ensemble so early on in his musical eduaction is also worth mentioning. Like Mutsumi Serizawa he has a good harmonic element about him. Unlike Haru who can get emotional and also challenge when necessary certain things Daichi seems to have more easy going tendency as in he rather see where things are going before questioning them. From the beginning he was the first person who welcomed Kanade and Kiyoya with open arms as he seems to be more accepting of new members than most of his peers. This may be rooted in the fact that he too is new in music.

His cheerful and accepting demeanor make him a valuable partner and friend.


  • His father is a doctor and because of that he knows some things about nursing.