Da Capo of Memories
Japanese Title 記憶のダ・カーポ
Romanized Title Kioku no da kāpo
English Title Da Capo of Memories
Airdate June 7, 2014
Theme Music
Opening WINGS TO FLY by Maestro Fields
Ending Andante by Amane Gakuen Orchestra Club
Previous Episode Episode 9: The Roaring Tarantella
Next Episode Episode 11: Elegy of Love and Hate

Sei gets dropped out of the concours, because he would be leaving to study overseas. But Leiji won't allow him to leave before the concours end.

Meanwhile Kanade was about to leave when she meets Ryouko who asks Kanade if she could come with her for a moment. She brings her to a restaurant where Kanade meets Alexei. He asks her to quit Seiso academy and the competition and join him instead. Suddenly Nia appears and says she shouldn't get involved with him and they both leave. Back at the dorm, Nia tells Kanade all about Alexia.

Next day, practice isn't going so well for Kanade, so after school when she takes a stroll outside, she hears someone playing the violin in a graveyard. Drawn by the person's music, she goes to where the sound came from and realizes that the violinist is Len. She is surprised to see a famous violinist in a place like this. They both have a little conversation, where she asks him for his advice on playing the violin which touches hearts, just like the piece he played.

Thereafter, she meets Housei and Chiaki. They ask her to get into their car and leave off to a place in a forest where they show her a sight of pretty fireflies dancing in the night sky. Thanks to their encouragement & pep talk, she understands the significance of a first violinist in an ensemble & what her next course of action should be.

Next, it's time for Seiso vs Amane, but just before the competition, Leiji's sister meets Kanade and asks her if she can save her brother Leiji.

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