Elegy of Love and Hate
Japanese Title 愛憎のエレジー
Romanized Title Aizō no erejī
English Title Elegy of Love and Hate
Airdate June 14, 2014
Theme Music
Opening WINGS TO FLY by Maestro Fields
Ending Andante by Amane Gakuen Orchestra Club
Previous Episode Episode 10: Da Capo of Memories
Next Episode Episode 12: Blue Sky Grand Finale
Kanade got kidnaped by Takafumi. He kidnaped her because he wanted the attention of Leiji and wanted to play in the concours with him. But it didn't turned out the way he wanted. Leiji insulted him and Takafumi got mad, accidantly hitting Leiji and afterwards he ran away closing the door behind him and leaving Kanade and Leiji locked up in the room. In the room Kanade remembers what happened 7 years ago with Leiji.

Meanwhile Sei is about to leave, but before he leaves he wanted to go to the Linden Hall Dormitory where he hears that Kanade is gone. He suspect Takafumi and runs towards where the concours are. There he meets Takafumi who tells him where Kanade and Leiji are. He calls everybody telling where they are and get them out of there.

And the finals begin.

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