The Guilty Pianissimo
Episode 12
Japanese Title 後ろめたさのピアニッシモ
Romanized Title Ushirometasa no Pianisshimo
English Title The Guilty Pianissimo
Airdate 2006-12-17
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 11:The Black and White Adagio
Next Episode Episode 13: The Irreplaceable Melody
Yunoki continues to insult Hino, telling her to quit the concourse. The next day, Hino tries to tell her two friends about Yunoki's sudden negative personality but they interrupt her with their love for Yunoki before Hino could tell them. She encounters Amo at the stair way. As she tries to tell her about Yunoki, she hears Yunoki's voice behind her. Surprised, she slips on the stairs and falls down. During the fall, she had acquired a bruise on her knee. Yunoki takes her hand and drags her to the nurse's office. Putting up a smiling facade, Yunoki inquires Hino if she thought about what he said, about quitting the concourse. Hino hesitantly says that she'll stay in the concourse despite anything. Yunoki's facade falls off as he approaches Hino. He pushes Hino onto the bed and threatens her. Hino realizes that she has no choice but to keep Yunoki's personality to herself because she realizes that no one will believe her compared to the perfect, kind student, Yunoki. She feels more dejected and guilty that she's deceiving everyone. Hino decides to skip practice and leave school when she meets up with Hihara. Hihara invites Hino and Yunoki to his orchestra. After hearing a first year try her hardest on a piece of music, she becomes filled with guilt and runs out, resulting in her meeting Shinobu Osaki. He manages to comfort Hino.