The Capriccio of A Maiden's Mind
Episode 14
Japanese Title 乙女心のカプリチオ
Romanized Title Otomegokoro no Kapurichio
English Title The Capriccio of A Maiden's Mind
Airdate 2007-01-07
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 13: The Irreplaceable Melody
Next Episode Episode 15:An Aria of the Rapidly Beating Heart
Kazuki overhears Hino muttering about Yunoki and her and he thinks they are getting married. Actually, Yunoki told Kahoko about a fiance "candidate", Ayano, and how she was being too persistent in chasing after him. Azuma lied and told her someone else was in his heart, and asks Hino to pose as his "love". Meanwhile, Kazuki has told everyone in the concourse (except Shoko) about what he heard, and they visit the Yunoki house. Hino meets Azuma's younger sister, Miyabi, and thinks that she is a bishōjo (a beautiful girl). Ayano comes, (another bishōjo) and she immediately tells him that she doesn't mind if there were someone in his heart, she would always be ready to marry him. Miyabi says that Ayano is a 1st year in high school, and although she has a pedigree, is pretty, and studies hard, she is "terribly good at getting the wrong impression". Azuma's grandmother returns though, forcing Shimizu, Kahoko, Kazuki, Len, Miyabi, Ayano, and Ryotaro to hide. She is very strict and tells them to leave. Hino later confesses to Ayano that the relationship between her and Yunoki was a lie, but Azuma tells her that she should try other different things, as she is still beginning high school. Later, Ryotaro meets his ex-girlfriend Mizue Sakimoto. She accidentally thinks that Hino is the girlfriend of either him or Len.