An Aria of the Rapidly Beating Heart
Episode 15
Japanese Title 高鳴る胸のアリア
Romanized Title Takanaru Mune no Aria
English Title An Aria of the Rapidly Beating Heart
Airdate 2007-01-14
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 14: The Capriccio of Maiden's Mind
Next Episode Episode 16:The Lying Violin
In the conference room, for the concourse meeting, Amou and Mori talk about their impression of the male participants while Hino and Shoko just listen to them. Amou also talks about the "Violin Romance" and asks Hino, who is a violinist, who she's most interested among the male participants. None of them know that Kazuki, Ryotaro, Len and Keiichi were eavesdropping on their conversation. While Amou asks Hino which 5 does she like the guys look waiting for her answer until Azuma comes and makes eavesdropping done for.The next day, Hino can't practice at home so she goes to the park to practice. She then sees Kazuki playing basketball with his elder brother and friends. Suddenly, his brother and other friends go home saying they have something to do. The both of them see Ryotaro with his ex-girlfriend, Sakimoto, and they join them. After, Ryotaro and Kazuki play a one-on-one basketball game. Sakimoto tells Hino about her junior high relationship with Ryotaro. When Kazuki is injured, Hino runs inside the court to aid him. Sakimoto, then, asks Ryotaro to escort her on going home. After having Hino washing his injury, Kazuki realizes that he has feelings for her.