The Heartbreaking Partita
Episode 18
Japanese Title 傷心のパルティータ
Romanized Title Shōshin no Parutīta
English Title The Heartbreaking Partita
Airdate 2007-02-04
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 17:The Impatient Crescendo
Next Episode Episode 19: Pavane of the Lost Heart
Yunoki is the one last to perform. In some way, it seems that he is also affected by what's happening because it is said that his performance was more serious than before. Nevertheless, he says that such things will not affect him. At home, his grandmother tells him that he will continue his high school education abroad. At the waiting room, Lili tries to fix the magic violin but couldn't. After the 3rd selection, Hino goes home. The next day, she lives her life before the concourse. She doesn't play anymore saying that she doesn't have the right to play and love the violin. Tsuchiura confronts her but it's no good because she says that she is going to withdraw from the concourse. Going home, he passes across the soccer club. The team captain says to him that he has to choose. If he decides to continue soccer, he must withdraw from the concourse. If not, he can't return to the soccer club anymore.