The Pavane of the Lost Heart
Episode 19
Japanese Title 失くした心のパヴァーヌ
Romanized Title Nakushita Kokoro no Pavānu
English Title The Pavane of the Lost Heart
Airdate 2007-02-11
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 18:The Heartbreaking Partita
Next Episode Episode 20: A Tear-Colored Rondo
Azuma tells Kanazawa that he will withdraw from the concourse because he's going to study in England. This rumor started to spread in the music department. Azuma then confronts Kahoko about this. Kazuki is also dismayed of hearing this without Azuma telling him. Like Azuma, Kahoko also tells Kanazawa that she will withdraw. The next day, Keiichi looks for her in the practice room but instead saw Len and told him that he wants to hear Kahoko's music. Len also overhears Kazuki, that Kahoko is giving-up violin. Therefore, he confronts her. He tells about his childhood memory about almost losing his ability to play the violin. He then asks her if she doesn't like playing the violin. She says she doesn't while crying then runs out.