A Fanfare for You
Episode 22
Japanese Title 君のためのファンファーレ
Romanized Title Kimi no Tame no Fanfāre
English Title A Fanfare for You
Airdate 2007-03-04
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 21: Once More, Andante
Next Episode Episode 23: Our Cadenza
Since Hino has started to play the violin without the magic, it sounds horrible. She tries her best and keeps on practicing. Moreover, it has been the talk of the school. Hihara is greatly affected of what is happening and Hino tries to cheer him up. Hihara also tells her his story about the time he quit track team to play the trumpet. Because of the intrigue about her around the school, her friends cheer her up. Hino is about to go home then she saw Yunoki's car at the gate. He takes her away by force to have his last dinner in Japan with her.