A Heart-Filling Harmony
Episode 24
Japanese Title 心満たすハーモニー)
Romanized Title Kokoro Mitasu Hāmonī
English Title A Heart-Filling Harmony
Airdate 2007-03-18
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 23: Our Cadenza
Next Episode Episode 25: The Beloved Ave Maria
At the rooftop, Hino meets Tsukimori and gives her a ticket to the charity concert. He says he wants her to hear his music. The next day, practicing at the park, Kazuki waits for Kahoko to finish practice and they go to a cake shop. Lili says to Kahoko that she and not anyone else play the violin. Keiichi also tells her that her sheet music is in her heart. Before the concert begins, Kahoko sees Tsukimori on the seaside and tells her that her music is sincere. At the concert hall, Kahoko sees the other concourse participants. Kahoko is surprised to know that all of them got their ticket from Misa Hamai, Tsukimori’s mom. She realizes that she is the only one that he invited. Tsuchiura somehow realizes that and gets a little irritated. After the concert, all of them went backstage to the waiting room to thank his mother for the wonderful concert. After the concert, Hino tells everyone that she will play a song that is more like her and says she's going to do her best. She then hugs Shoko and Kazuki is somehow jealous. Then she invites Shoko to eat cake and all the guys were fascinated to see the real Hino.