A Melodic Experiment
Japanese Title 実験はメロディ
Romanized Title Jikken wa merodi
English Title A Melodic Experiment
Airdate April 19, 2014
Theme Music
Opening WINGS TO FLY by Maestro Fields
Ending Andante by Seiso Gakuen Orchestra Club
Previous Episode Episode 2: Sighs and Ave Maria
Next Episode Episode 4: Summery Einsatz
Kanade, Kyoya and Haru go with Sosuke to Amane High School. Where he ask Reiji if he can join the club again and Reiji tells him that he needs to show to him that he is worthy enough to join the club again. Then Reiji sees Kanade and it seems that he knows her, but Kanade doesn't seem to remember him. After that Reiji tells her that he will definitly crush her.

Later on they start praticing for the competition, but Kanade can't concentrate on her playing because of what Reiji said and she goes to a park to practice there, where she meets Sei who was playing a little piano for some children. When he was finished and went to Kanade he said he was searching for her and that he wants to fall in love with her. Afterwards they go on a date.