Summery Einsatz
Episode 4blsky
Japanese Title 夏色のアインザッツ
Romanized Title Natsuiro no ainzattsu
English Title Summery Einsatz
Airdate April 26, 2014
Theme Music
Opening WINGS TO FLY by Maestro Fields
Ending Andante by Shiseikan Koukou Wind Orchestra Club
Previous Episode Episode 3: A Melodic Experiment
Next Episode Episode 5: Aida of Heroes
When Kanade was going home she meets Arata Mizushima and they both go to the Linden Hall Dormitory where she finds out that he is the cousin of Haruto Mizushima and he lives there together with other Shiseikan students. When they all go to to the mall they see Chiaki, Mutsumi and Housei giving a concert at a park.

The competition is about to begin. It wil be Shiseikan vs Seiso!

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