Aida of Heroes
Episode 5blue
Japanese Title 英雄たちのアイーダ
Romanized Title Eiyū-tachi no aīda
English Title Aida of Heroes
Airdate May 3, 2014
Theme Music
Opening WINGS TO FLY by Maestro Fields
Ending Andante by Shiseikan Koukou Wind Orchestra Club
Previous Episode Episode 4: Summery Einsatz
Next Episode Episode 6: The Forbidden Passage
Arata is lucky as always, winning six tickets over to a pool side beach where he invites Kanade along. Enjoying their time over at the pool, the members of the Wind-Orchestral Club (Shiseikan) hear from their president (Yukihiro) that the headmaster of their academy plans on getting their club abolished. The only way to save their club from being taken down is if they win the National Competition. Kanade overhears their talk and is deeply disturbed. After getting back to the dorm, the Shiseikan members get nostalgic, having a talk on the things that happened in the past and begin to cheer up each other. Kyoya takes notice of a worried Kanade and tries to cheer her on in his own way.

And so begins the National Competition! We hear Shiseikan's beautiful performance, Seiso's up next but will Kanade be alright?

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