The Wandering Rhapsody
Episode 7
Japanese Title 彷徨いのラプソディ
Romanized Title Samayoi no rapusodi
English Title The Wandering Rhapsody
Airdate May 17, 2014
Theme Music
Opening WINGS TO FLY by Maestro Fields
Ending Andante by Jinnan Koukou Wind Orchestra Club
Previous Episode Episode 6: The Forbidden Passage
Next Episode Episode 8: Brillante of the Noble Rose
The member of the Wind Orchestra Club can stay in Yokohama and don't have to go back to Sensai because Yukihiro's teacher Kazuki spoke to the president of their school. Meanwhile Kyoya still won't accept the fact that he will be playing the first violin.

While everyone else is practicing as hard as they can. Suddenly the students of Jinnan High School came, asking if Ritsu really won't be playin the semi-finals. When Kanade saw Chiaki she remembered the thing Chiaki said to her about her missing the inner flower and asked him about how she can get, but he replied saying that it isn't something you can achieve by asking others. Kanade thought you had to be born with it, but Yukihiro showed Kanade just how much Chiaki is practicing.

At the end Kyoya finally accepts being the first violin.

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