The Heart-Spun Canon
Episode 8
Japanese Title こころ紡ぐカノン
Romanized Title Kokoro Tsumugu Kanon
English Title The Heart-Spun Canon
Airdate 2006-11-19
Theme Music
Opening Brand New Breeze by Kanon
Ending Crescendo by Stella Quintet
Previous Episode Episode 7: The Secret Duet
Next Episode Episode 9:A Peaceful Concerto
The second selection is coming close and Hino still hasn't decide what song she will play. Being stressed like she is, practicing violin every time she has the chance causes her to be in a fight with her friends. At home, Hino accidentally broke her music box, which was a birthday present from Mio and Nao which played Pachelbel's Canon. After fixing her music box and reconciling with her friends, Hino decides to play the Canon for the second selection.