Kahoko Hino



Biographical Information
Kanji 日野 香穂子
Horoscope Pisces
Birthday February 27
Age 16
Instrument Violin
School Seiso Academy Regular Department
Grade Second Year Class 2
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Height 162cm (5'3)
Weight 47kg
Blood Type AB
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Anime Season 1 Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Reiko Takagi

Kahoko Hino is the main protagonist of the series La Corda D'oro. She is the owner of the magic violin which she received from the musical fairy named Lili. She is a second year student at Seiso Acadamy and is in the General Education department.


She usually appears as a normal easy-going Gen-Ed student, but reveals a more serious side by expressing that she "can't be the one who's not serious". She also has strong determination and confidence, but she is very humble and hates to show off. She slacks off most of the time and prioritizes the competition even more than her grades in school. She remains oblivious throughout the story to the attention of the males surrounding her. She doesn't know that 5 handsome male students like her.

She also has a very warm, friendly, honest and straightforward.


Hino is a young woman with red hair and a pair of gold eyes. When performing, she is usually seen wearing a red long strapless dress. When not performing, she is usually seen in her school uniform. She is often described as a beautiful woman.

And quickly became famous among the students of Seiso Academy when she entered the competition. She lives with her mother, older sister and older brother, though nobody knows who is her father because there is no evidence.

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