Hino is a second year student at the Seiso Academy in the 'Gen Ed' department, and the protagonist of, La Corda D'oro. She lives with her mother and older sister as well as having an older brother studying in a university.

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She is admired by many of her friends for their hard work and the effort they exhorts into their music. Hino was approached by the fairy Lili , who granted Seiso Academy the gift of music many years ago when Lili's life was saved by the founder of the Academy. As Hino is the sixth ever person to be able to see him. Lili grants her a magical violin which, 'anyone can play'. Though having no experience in music or playing the violin, Hino is entered into the prestigious concours that takes place at Seiso Academy every few years.

Near the ending of the manga, Kahoko realizes her feelings for Len Tsukimori and the both of them ended up together. She was given a violin by the fairy Lili for being able to see him. At first she was very nervous about this but soon finds that with the help of the other characters she has found her passion. She also changes the lives of others such as Len Tsukimori when she helped teach him that music is about heart not just talent or helping Shimizu Keiichi finding his sheet music.

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