• "When words fail you.. Say it with music."
  • "Music is something everyone can enjoy"
  • "It seemed as if the high notes became transparent. It somehow seemed to pierce my heart. Ihad no idea that the violin can make such beautiful sounds."
  • "Yeah, if I don't enjoy playing it, then I'm not doing it justice, right?"
  •  "It sure is strange. When you turn these written notes into sounds, it becomes so beautiful. Howshould I say it.. It seems that the performer is resurrecting the notes."
  • "If you close down the way to your own path, it will always open up. That'swhy this isn't a song of ending. It is a new encounter. A song of beginning."
  • "But I can't keep relying only on others. Whether it's Tsuchiura-kun or the magic violin.. I must do something on my own.."
  • "I've decided to do my best. That's why I can't quit halfway now."
  •  "I only thought about myself, huh? Not having time to pay attention to others around me, Iwasn't able to become kind."

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