Kiniro no Corda 2: Encore
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Name Kiniro no Corda 2: Encore
Developer and Publisher Koei
Platform PlayStation 2
Released September 20, 2007
Kin'iro no Corda 2: Encore is the continuation of 2. After participating in numerous performances, Kahoko is maturing into a wonderful violinist. Instead of solo performances and small group assembles, she is to lead an orchestra as a concert mistress this time.
Besides managing her musical career, as graduation draws nearer and nearer, she has to gather her acts and go after the man of her dreams. After all, some of them are entering university and others may be going overseas, if she doesn't do anything now, she would have no more chances.
Aside from the full cast from the previous installment, Kira the school director became a date-able character. Find out the mystery behind this intriguing character.