Kiriya Etou
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Biographical Information
Kanji 衛藤 桐也
Horoscope Aries
Birthday March 30
Instrument Violin
School Junior High
Grade Third Year
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 176cm
Manga Volume 13 Chapter 58.2
Anime Season 2 Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Satoshi Hino

Kiriya Etou is first introduced in the Kiniro no Corda 2: Forte and now appears in the TV special, Secondo Passo.


He is very confident of himself and his playing is very accurate. He is related to Akihiko Kira, the academy's director.


He is a third year student in junior high. He is the only character who does not attend Seiso Academy. He is a very good violinist and his skills are on par with Tsukimori. When he was younger, he had gone to the same violin classes with Tsukimori, Ousaki, and Kaji. Though Kaji eventually quit.

He thinks the standard of Seiso Academy isn't high after hearing Kahoko's playing which left him completely unimpressed. However, he seems to have a crush on her as he is later seen at the school grounds constantly, his reasons unknown, resulting in a hiding Kahoko, because he had been rude to her on their first meeting.

Later, he helps Kahoko aid a pair of twins find their mother. He is constantly impressed by Kahoko's kind behavior. Later, he asks her whether he or Tsukimori is better.

He seems to have a strong interest in and an apparent crush on Kahoko and states that he takes back what he said about wishing he had never heard Kahoko play.

In his special appearance in the upcoming game, Kiniro no Corda 3, he is now 22 years old and is an internationally acclaimed violinist.


  • He shows up in Episode 12 of Kiniro no Corda Blue Sky and gives the trophy to the winning school.