• "(To Kahoko) Your fingers... This is to repay you. when you rescued me, with your meddling."
  • "(Chapter 63 Cover Page) Having you by my side, makes me draw closer to you. These feelings towards her, if only I can express it in words... then it is Love"
  • "(To Kanade) There was someone who once said this song was "pretty". It took me a long time to understand the depth of the meaning of that one word, and how much thought that goes into it. Even the word "pretty" has a profundity beyond imagination." 
  • "(To Kanade) The sounds you find pretty, and the sounds the other members find pretty... Are they really the same?"
  • "Whether you hate it or love it, such sentiments are worthless."
  •  "If I'm aiming for the same victory as she is, I would only like to compete to get a higher leveland rank than her."
  • "It's about the attitude we have towards music. Are you really serious?"
  •  "Besides the fact that there is a concours, the manner of being strictly on time is an absolutething that must be observed no matter what the reason. If he can't do that, he certainly doesn'thave the capability to participate."
  •  "Results are results. You're second, I'm last. Results are everything. Everything happening so farhas been a result of the effort you exerted."

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