Kahoko Hino Edit

Others may think that he is acting harshly towards Kahoko, but deep down in his heart he is concerned about her although he does not show it. As the series progresses he realizes his feelings of love for Kahoko. It becomes more obvious in the more recent chapters of the manga. For instance, while everyone else knows that he is leaving to study in Europe, he finds it the hardest to tell this to Kahoko and he doesn't really understand why, instead claiming the fact that his leaving has nothing to do with her.

In chapter 63, Len finally realizes his true feelings for Kahoko that seems to be confusing him for a long time. He realizes that his feelings for her were "love". In chapter 65, Len decided to go along with the group to watch Ryoutaro's concert. While all of the people are watching Ryoutaro, Len only stares at Kahoko. This is noticed by Yunoki who tells Len that he's being obvious.

In the end he confesses that only Kahoko can make him feel the way he does and says only she can "perturb his heart" like that and they embrace. This is the manga finale making him in one way the official love of Kahoko. Both he and Kahoko are considered the official pairing in the manga and by many fans. This was further made canon by the Special Edition CD where, after you get all character ends (as in play all character routes), you get a special end which is an anime section that follows the style of the anime series and can be considered a part of it as well. There Kahoko is outside the music room and sitting on the grass listening to Ave Maria. As Len finishes playing he actually is very happy to see her (a great change compared to how he treated her the first time they met). Kahoko sits in on the window on an angle still outside and Len also sits but facing in. He reminisces and an inner monologue begins about how Kahoko is so precious to him and what she has taught him, and how much he truly loves her (while important images are flashbacks from the anime). He touches Kahoko's hand and Kahoko does not retreat but blushes and smiles making him smile too (as if he was hoping for a positive and accepting response from her). Soon he softly edges forward, Kahoko looks surprised and shy, but closes her eyes allowing him to advance further. Here Lili comes out from behind Len's golden violin and decides to put magic dust on the moment to freeze it. Len has all this time still been talking inside exploring the depth of his love and feelings for Kahoko. The end of the entire series finishes with him and Kahoko edging closer to consummate their love with a kiss.

  • Tsuchiura Ryoutarou
  • Yunoki Azuma
  • Hihara Kazuki
  • Shimizu Keiichi
  • Fuyumi Shoko
  • Hamai Misa

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