Nia Hasekura



Biographical Information
Kanji 支倉 仁亜
Instrument Bugle
School Seiso Academy
Grade Second year
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime Season 3 Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Akemi Sato

Nia Hasekura is a member of the Journalism Club at Seiso Academy. Her uncle is Alexei Zhukov.


She is a mysterious girl who always shows up when Kanade Kohinata needs some help and of course Nia always gives her advice and helps her out. Unlike Nami Amou, who was the journalist of the previous Kiniro no Corda series, Nia is more subtle than robust and a bit enigmatically inclined (like her Uncle Alexei but in a positive manner).

She is not brisk, is patient and appreciative of people and information. She likes Kanade Kohinata and is defensive of her. This is illustrated by many incidences one is how she helps Kanade when she faints after their meeting with Alexei and helps her recuperate and says she will be there for her. She is able to gather good portfolios on people and access updated information as she finds out that Shiseikan High School's Wind Orchestra Club was finally dissolved due to it refusing to suspend/expel its member Shiro Hozumi for an alteration in the year before and not participating competitively for a year due to that . Yet like Nami she gets a lot of distinctive vibes from people like she is able to see the meticulous nature of Mutsumi Serizawa in the barbecue party akin to to how Nami Amou suspects that Azuma Yunoki hides his real personality.

Overall, she is a very headstrong, intelligent, inquisitive and enduring character.