Song: One Day's Memory

Album: Fantasmagoria

By: Ryoutarou Tsuchiura (Itou Kentarou)

Tsuchiura Ryotaro - One Day's Memory04:33

Tsuchiura Ryotaro - One Day's Memory

Yuuyake akane kumo no kono hi kono toki mune ni kizanda
Oka de hiza o kakae sora o aoida omae o mite ita

Yume wo tamerawazu ni otte wakitatsu atsui kansei
Kisoioeta ato ni kata wo narabete kaeru shiawase ni

Nemurenai yoru ienai tsubasa kishinde
Yarusenasa o moteamashite haita keredo

Memories wataru kaze ni soyogu omoi wa ienakute mo ii

Yarikirenai omoide naraba tokashite
Kasanete yuku yorokobi dake o shinjitai

Itsuka ryoute hiroge takaku jiyuu ni toberu sono hi made
Futari toberu made

The sunset-stained red clouds of this day, this moment, they’ve all been carved into my heart
As I watched you on the hill, hugging your knees and looking up at the sky

Your enthusiastic shouts of joy as you excitedly chased after your dreams without hesitation
Shoulder to shoulder, we happily return after the competition’s end

A sleepless night as these unhealed wings creaked
But an uncontrollable helplessness had set in

Memories cross over the wind and stir up these indescribable feelings

If I comb out the unbearable memories,
I want to believe that then only joy will keep piling up

Until someday, the day comes when I spread my arms wide and can fly freely
Until we two can soar

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