Ritsu was the main reason for Kanade and Kyoya entering Seiso Gakuen. When Ritsu was younger, he decided on his own to leave his hometown and enter Seiso Academy where he could learn more about the violin. He tells Kyoya that if he ever stayed back at their hometown, he wouldn't be able to progress much, as he wanted to know more about the world of music, and the need to face more difficult and challenging rivals, leaving Kyoya and Kanade behind.

He later tells Kanade and Kyoya to take admission to Seiso's and join the Orchestra Club. On agreeing to it and attending the Orchestra Club the very next day, Ritsu announces a list of students from the music department who made it to a group that were supposed to participate in the National concours, the following being - Kanade, Kyoya, Daichi (vice-president), Haru (a first year cello player) and himself. Although many were opposed to the decision of letting Kyoya and Kanade taking part in the concours, Ritsu believed in their individual abilities, that they were capable enough to do it.


Ritsu at the hospital

Before the concours even started Ritsu put to much pressure on his wrist while practicing, but didn't tell anybody because he didn't wanted them to worry about him. After the first round of the concours, Ritsu's wrist got worse and he had to go to the hospital where he had to stay for a couple days. At the end he might not take part in the semifinals.

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