Kyoya Kisaragi Edit

Kyoya is Ritsu's younger brother. At first, their had a wonderful relationship, with Kanade. They would play the violin together and have fun. But ever since Ritsu left their hometown to go to Seiso Academy to pursue his study on his violin playing, their relationship became shaky. Kyoya claims that Ritsu keeps making decision for him and that he should stop trying to control his life. When they were still kids, Kyoya was constantly being compared to Ritsu. People would ask him, 'why can't you play the violin like your older brother?' He doesn't like being compared to Ritsu. During semi-finals, when Ritsu had announced that Kyoya would be playing first violin, he got really upset and left Linden Hall. Kanade later found him by the park, where he would always go to when he was upset. He tells her that he can't play like Ritsu. But Kanade tells him that he can't play like Ritsu, and he never will, because he is not Ritsu. He needed to find his own sound. Kyoya then went back and joined in on the practices, and even asked Ritsu for help. By the end, their relationship with each other was more sturdy and Kyoya had asked him for help to find his own sound.

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