He is a very gifted pianist but quit playing in public. This is because he entered a concour in grade school because he saw Len Tsukimori entered the year before him, but he lost to some untalented, older pianists, and never played piano in public ever since, until he argued with Tsukimori. He is also an excellent athlete, good at exact sciences and he cooks well. After he assisted Kahoko in the first round of the concours by being her accompanist he joined the concours, too.

In the past, he had a girlfriend called Mizue Sakamoto and in episode 14 they met again by accident at the train station with Kahoko and Len, where she mistook Kahoko as Tsuchiura's girlfriend at first, after telling her that she is not his girlfriend she asked if Kahoko was Len's girlfriend.

Tsuchiura is the star of the soccer team he is the team midfielder. He is very skilled at soccer and even outdoing some third year students and whenever he plays, there will always be girls cheering for him. As told by Mizue, he is also in the basketball club when they were in middle school.

Chapter 55
He does not like Tsukimori, and they often get into many disagreements. One of their arguments can even start from a notebook to their style of performance.

His feelings for Hino gradually deepen as the series progresses and going as far as secretly calling her Kaho during the quintet's performance.

In Chapter 37 of the manga, he admits to his ex-girlfriend, Mizue, that indeed, he likes someone - that someone being Hino, to whom he is thankful because she was the one who had helped him rediscover his love for the piano.

Later on in Chapter 55, in an attempt to make Tsukimori realize his own feelings for Hino, Tsuchiura confesses "I Hino." Later, he gets angry at Tsukimori for "not doing anything about it", referring to Tsukimori's feelings towards Hino.

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