He first met Hino in chapter 1 when she almost fell from the stairs, but Ryotarou caught her and helped her, carrying the books to the music department. This was were they met Len for the first time, but at that moment she tought that he was a real jerk.

He meets her a couple days later while he was playing football. He saw that Hino was feeling down and tried to cheer her up and they gradually became friends.

The next day while they were walking together to their class they meet Len. He was asked to deliver some papers to Hino and went to give those to her where Ryotarou and Len got into a little fight. Ryotarou said that it's worthless to keep practicing to reach a higher level and Len disagreed with that. Saying he has no right to judge anything to do with music, he left.

After school Hino comes to his grandfather's music shop where Hino sees him playing the piano.He was suprised and told her to tell nobody about what she just saw. His grand-father stopped him, and got a cup of tea for Hino.

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