Sei Amamiya

Sei amamiya4



Biographical Information
Kanji 天宮 静
Horoscope Pisces
Birthday February 20
Instrument Piano
School Amane High School
Grade Third year
Physical and Vital Statistics
Height 171cm
Blood Type B
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 5
Anime Season 3 Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Mamoru Miyano

Sei Amamiya is a member of the Chamber Music club at Amane High School and plays the piano. He is the son of Alexei Zhukov.


Sei seems to be of a calm and gentle disposition, and is very good natured person, as seen when Kohinata Kanade forgets her umbrella in the manga. It was Sei who offered her his umbrella when they both didn't know each other.

Sei seems to have set high standards for himself, as seen in Episode 3 when Kanade and Sei both did a duet, she tells him that the piece sounded wonderful, but despite this, he tells her that his music is still missing something (love) as he cannot understand what love is.

He decides that if he ever fell in love with Kanade, he might know what it means to put one's love into doing something, for this reason, he wants to actually try falling in love with her.


It seems when he was little, his father would always tell him that his performance lacked the feeling of love, so he wants to fall in love to know what 'love' feels like.


  • Sei and Aoi Kaji (from the original series - Secondo Passo) share the same seiyuu.
  • He often listens to Brahms and Dvorak.
  • His favorite food is chicken, meat and vegetables.
  • His hobbies are walking throught town and tuning pianos.