Seka Enyoji



Biographical Information
Kanji 円城寺 冴香
Instrument Flute
School Sanseshiru Girls High School Music Department
Grade Third year
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime Season 3 Episode 8
Voice Actors
Japanese Kaori Mine

She is a third year at Sanseshiru Girls High School Music Department and plays the flute. She is the sister of Aran Enyoji.


She has a high pride and is also known as 'the queen' at her school.

Character OutlineEdit

She holds a grudge against Leiji, because he was the reason why her brother Aran isn't able to stand on the stage anymore.

She wants to make Leiji suffer and plays Solveigs Sang at the competition which is the song that played while Leiji and his sister almost froze to death at a car accident where his parents died.