Shiro Hozumi



Biographical Information
Kanji 火積 司郎
Horoscope Cancer
Birthday July 8
Instrument Trumpet
School Shiseikan High School
Grade Second Year
Physical and Vital Statistics
Height 181cm
Blood Type A
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 0
Anime Season 3 Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Masakazu Morita

Shiro Hozumi is a member of the Wind-Orchestral Club at Shiseikan High School.


He may look like a violent and scary person, but he is actually really nice and always stops Arata from bothering other people.


Shiro has brown hair which is pushed back and has yellow-brownish eyes. He is really long and has a deep voice. He has a scar on his face which most of the time gives people the wrong idea about him and also scares them.