When Kouhei was getting beaten up by a group of students. Shiro came to help him and got into a fight with those students. One of the students got a broken glass bottle and cut Shiro's face (that's why he got that scar). Because he got into a fight the principle wanted him to quit the Wind-Orchestral club or the club wouldn't had the right to attend any other competition, although he wanted to do that Yukihiro stopped him and told the principel that he wouldn't let Shiro quit. After that they couldn't take part in any competitions and a lot of member quit the club and blamed everything on Shiro. However nobody, but Kouhei and Yukihiro knew that Shiro was trying to protect his friend Kouhei and was seen as the culprit for everything that happened by everyone.

After Shiseikan lost against Seiso he felt that is was his fault and started crying, but nobody thought it was his fault. Later on at the Linden Hall Dormitory Yukihiro tells that the Wind-Orchestral Club won't be closing down and next year he will be the president of the Wind-Orchestral Club.

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