He makes his debut in Episode 2 where he is first shown standing on top of a bridge, ready to throw his cello into the stream in frustration and Kanade who was passing by, happens to notice this and stops him. When she questions him about his behavior, he says that if his cello was gone he wouldn't have to endure this suffering and anguish any more and he would be relieved of this feeling of pain.

On further probing by Haru and the other Seiso members he reveals that he was rejected candidacy for the contest ensemble, and in addition he was also expelled from the Chamber Music Club. He believes it was because he didn't meet the expectations of Leiji, but he really wants to play just like him. It is later revealed that Leiji didn't keep him out of the club, but Alexei instead.

In the end, he was chosen to participate in the contest.

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