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  • Catstop

    Sample Images

    June 14, 2011 by Catstop

    In my last post, I said I would post some sample images. Now, these are just concepts. Here they are:

    I think the Kaho in the corner is great, but better used somewhere else. As far as selecting a new logo, I think the colors of the background should match the logo. Here's a few samples of some favorites for the logo I listed under "New Logo Concepts":

    The site this is coming from, , is a personal favorite. However, there's a lot of other background sites out there, and we could always make our own...

    In this one, I took an image I found on this wiki (a wallpaper, if I recall correct), gave it an inverted fade out (black and white), and added some text in the font Segoe Script…

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  • Catstop

    New Ideas!!

    June 14, 2011 by Catstop

    Hello, I've decided to start off my stay here with a few ideas for this wiki.

    • Change the background to a tiled theme (will post some sample links later)
    • Change the logo (will post some sample concepts later)
    • Re-do the homepage (will post a link to a sample later)
    • Change the navigation bar structure
    • Change the text and background color settings
    • Get a Favicon (will post samples later)
    • Add the scoreboard (if not added already...)

    • Establish a presence in Social Media (I.E: Facebook, Twitter, Crunchyroll)
    • Launch a video summary series
    • Have a "daily" pre-loaded (monthly by an admin?) Twitter feed on Lac'oro
    • Establish a marketing connect with a manga scan company that has past released Lac'oro manga chapters
    • Partner with the gazillions of La'oro fanclubs out…

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